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Please make sure to read everything in this board before you join and create a character. Everything you need to know about the site can be found in here. Announcements and face claims are also found in here.
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Create your character here. Make sure to post a link to your application in the NOTIFICATION THREAD when your app is ready for review.
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This is the plotter board for all your plotting and tracking needs. You can also role play social media threads in the SOCIAL MEDIA subboard.
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This board is for members interested in tackling in-character quests. Quests can raise your character's rank and reward you with gold which can be exchanged for spell rank-ups and new spells. IC, these quests are accepted via a quest board at a guild or in-person from the client. Please read the threads inside for more details on how quests work.
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anything goes here.
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Guest friendly.
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unlicensed doctor nearly kills local » olysia oizrys » Jun 13, 2019 4:18:53 GMT
Floating on a gigantic mass of land with the help of magic is Saint City. Embedded in the land mass itself is an immense garnet crystal that has been keeping the city afloat for over a century. Without the power of flight, the only other way of accessing Saint City is through a form of transportation such as a blimp. The main connecting cities to Saint City that offer such a service are Fuzhi Town and Revolo City. Because Saint City lives in the clouds, harpies were the first known creatures to nest here and eventually forged a city of their own. There is even running water in the city which falls off the edges of the floating island, but the water is consistently filled by the magic of the garnet core. The city's main produce is in sky fishing, and the colosseum attracts a number of viewers and adventurers wishing to become a champion.
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beginner's guide to slaying dragons » amadeus » Jul 1, 2019 5:51:47 GMT
The Westlands is an expansive space of prairie, desert, and mountains. It is north of Revolo City. Monsters frequent the Westlands, including rare and mythical beasts. People don't usually step into the Westlands unless to collect resources. Traveling can span over weeks depending on how far one travels, so there are a few designated rest spots throughout the Westlands in the areas people most frequent. These rest spots are typically an inn managed by just a few hands. Snow tops the highest mountains.
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rapunzel, rapunzel [c] » donovan matthieus » Jun 12, 2019 5:40:02 GMT
On the east side of the Forest of Ellmia is Revolo City, a steampunk-esque attraction most notable for its magically enhanced steam-powered technology and architect. It is a connecting city to Saint City via air blimp, but it is also the center of several other routes. Because several residents are tinkerers and mechanics, delivery jobs are always in high demand for adventurers. Furthermore, Revolo City has a surplus of shops to offer to adventurers looking for weaponry and armor.
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The Forest of Ellmia is fraught with danger because of its enormous size and the beasts that live within, but it's necessary to travel through in order to get between Chateau City and Revolo City on foot. The forest is known for being magical, so much so that even the mana within the trees naturally create a fog that can trap people forever if they're not careful and tread off the path. Many creatures, both magical and not, reside in here. An ancient elf race and other beings call this forest home as well, many of which avoid contact with humans because they detest them. Crossing the entire forest takes two days on foot, so caution is advised.
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Not from around here, are you? [C] » malik saar » Jun 26, 2019 5:04:34 GMT
This is one of the royal cities in Edel. It is located on the west side of the Forest of Ellmia. The city is known for its majestic beauty, and the palace is sat on a crag overlooking its townspeople. Most of the residents are middle to upper class, but many adventurers travel through here because it's a rest point after the forest. Plus, adventurers are likely to find a quest while here.
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let it happen [c] » seimei » Jun 21, 2019 23:58:21 GMT
South of Edel is the Lou Sea. Ships are constantly on the waters, including pirates. There are said to be treasures and mysteries in these expansive waters, but the sea is also filled with terrible, dangerous monsters, some that can swallow entire ships!
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princess for ransom [c] » donovan matthieus » Jun 18, 2019 5:04:36 GMT
This board is for threads that take place in non-existing boards within the Edel region. If none of the boards we currently have fit your need, post in this thread! This could be a made up town, your kingdom, or anywhere else, really!
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moment [c] » maia rhodes » Jun 18, 2019 23:09:40 GMT
Gaozhu is located north of Fuzhi Town. This canyon is noted for more than 3,000 quartzite sandstone pillars and peaks across most of the site, many over 200 metres in height, along with many ravines and gorges with attractive streams, pools, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, and caves donned in garnet deposits. Yes, I copy/pasted this from Wikipedia, if you know what this is based off of. Man-made bridges and rails have been attached to some of the sides of mountains and pillars for travel between mining and excavating sites. Plenty of woodland-type yokai live here in peace.
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silk hiding steel [c] » Hayami Saitou » Jul 2, 2019 14:44:03 GMT
Fuzhi Town is quite lively and large in size. Since it is close by the Paper Lantern District, many yokai live in and visit the town, making it a harmonious unit between humans and yokai (usually). Lots of trade goes on here, too with it being a connecting town to Saint City as well as a harbor town. Tourists and adventurers will have a lovely time here among the high energy and vibrant colors that Fuzhi Town has to offer.
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Pretty Lost // Open » maia rhodes » Jun 14, 2019 3:54:54 GMT
Located on the northeast outskirts of Fuzhi Town, the Paper Lantern District is home to a variety of yokai, both friendly and dangerous. Though humans are allowed inside the Paper Lantern District, they are cautioned from entering as there are no laws permitting yokai from eating humans here. After all, it is the home of the yokai. The borders are completely surrounded by a thick, eerie fog, but the entrance is a large torii. Upon entering, everything is immersed in the fog. Even when it may be daylight, once you enter the Paper Lantern District, the moon is always hung in the sky, and the streets are illuminated by lanterns. It's usually bustling in activity and can make for a unique experience, but there's always shady business going on in the shadows of the district as well. Humans may encounter prejudice and be refused service while here since some yokai do not like humans, but most establishments display a "HUMANS WELCOME" sign to indicate their friendliness.
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Surrounding the Paper Lantern District is the Nemuwoods. It is notorious for swallowing lost travelers, yokai included, because the woods is inflicted with a special magic that lulls people to sleep if they wander inside for too long. It is a mysterious place home to a few yokai that aren't often seen. Fog encases the entire woods, making it difficult to navigate. Trying to escape through the treetops doesn't work either because the magic of Nemuwoods traps travelers in its fog. Seemingly the only way out is finding your way into the Paper Lantern District. Red paper lanterns are scattered throughout the woods to help guide lost travelers, but they are spread far apart and don't point in a particular direction.
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Way south of Fuzhi Town is the Sidal Desert. Sandy dunes stretch for miles and miles, making it easy for people to get lost. It's most efficient to travel on animals such as camels or (trained) sand sharks. It's incredibly hot during the day and below freezing at night. It's not uncommon for sandstorms and twisters to appear. Few wildlife live out here, but those that do are to be feared to be able to live in such harsh terrain.
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countdown to heaven [c] » seimei » Jul 1, 2019 7:16:27 GMT
Shoku City is one of the royal cities of Fuzhio on the east side of Fuzhi Town and the Paper Lantern District. The city is coupled with nature, and because of the water canals mapped throughout the city, it almost appears to be a huge city garden. Koi fish are plentiful in the waters which lead to a reservoir by the palace. People can ride gondolas and small boats through the canals. Friendly yokai exist here in peace since most help the nature life and do not get in the way of humans.
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it was a full moon [c] » seimei » Jul 1, 2019 6:27:50 GMT
On the far east of Shoku City is Black Mountain, a formidable peak that stretches high into the clouds. The mountain is treacherous not only for the menacing yokai that live here, but because the terrain is dangerous to travel. Certain breeds of kemonomimi live here. Guards are stationed at the base of Black Mountain to keep an eye on intruding yokai, but it's usually just two at a time in a lone tower. No one knows what's at the top of the mountain beyond the clouds, but it's rumored to be the stairway to heaven. On the other side of Black Mountain is the Black Sea.
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make it two [c] » Hayami Saitou » Jul 2, 2019 15:17:16 GMT
This board is for threads that take place in non-existing boards within the Fuzhio region. If none of the boards we currently have fit your need, post in this thread! This could be a made up town, your kingdom, or anywhere else, really!
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